Book Airport And Hotel Transfers Before Coming On A African Safari Tours To Kenya

African safari is a unique experience that you need to go through at least once in your life. Africa holds many landmarks that are amazing and the wealth of wildlife that is astonishing. If you want to go through the experience you could book your ticket to Africa using the resources of your travel agent. The biggest challenge will be to hire transport while you are there because it is totally new environment and culture where you may not fit so quickly. If you want to enjoy your African safari tour you will need adequate airport and hotel transfer services because on the spot hiring may not be within your talent. Arranging everything before you come here is a better advice because last moment hassle will upset your holiday plans.

By signing up with your tour operator you can arrange hotel accommodation, airport and hotel transfer, transport to various tourist destination, food and hotel and lodging if you stay there overnight. African safari toursare great packages and best way to spend holidays. It is totally new holiday experience that is diverse from the cozy holiday resorts near mountain base or a beach. Here you see world wonders first hand and it could be the aerial sighting of the wildebeests migrating to Masai Mara games reserve by crossing the Serengeti. You will enjoy the best view taking a plane tour or on the elephant back, or undertake balloon safari across Savannah. Kenya is also blessed with sandy beaches that are mentioned in the world’s bests.

Kenya Safari Tours

You need a tour manager if you want to enjoy the tour without stress as you know it could be a tense experience arranging hotel, transport and food during the stay. You will also need tour guides, mountaineering experts and people who can be your personal aides at junctures where you need local expertise and help. If you want to spend the holiday in the best way possible you can book an African safari with us as we, Ashford Tours and Travels are the best in the business will make it comfortable for you while you are here. Book your travel by dialing our numbers +254 20 3341101, +254 20 3341102, +254 20 3341103 or +254 20 3341104 or by sending mail to  

Kenya Safari Tours Are Unique

When you set about visiting Africa for sightseeing you simply cannot ignore tourism rich Kenya and Tanzania. Kenya safari tours are world famous as they provide a varied fair in the form of game reserves consisting of unique wildlife that is not seen anywhere in the world, imposing but climbable mountains, lakes, rivers, widespread savannah and pristine looking beaches.  A Kenyan safari can be enjoyed both on land and from the air, on elephant back or a hooded land cruiser. You could also undertake walking safari and experience close encounters with the big 5 of the continent.

An array of tourism attractions

Kenya and Tanzania account for about 6 national parks that are well populated with African lions, cheetah, leopard, elephant, rhino, zebra, giraffe, eland, gazelle, crocodile and the wildebeests. The continent is reportedly foster more than 200 species of avian life that is not replicated in other parts of the world. Some of the spectacular Kenyan safari experience will include Nairobi National Park, Malindi Beach, Mount Kenya, Samburu National Reserve, Hell’s Gate National Park, Lamu Island, Tsavo National Park, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli National Park, and Masai Mara National Reserve. Here you will witness African wild animals in their unique hue and characters from elephant top, Jeep, Balloon or a airplane depending on your preference. It is important to work out a proper tour iterinary and according book hotel room, air ticket, transport and various excursions in to the wild.  

Wildlife Safari Tours

Ideal hotel accommodation to launch African safari

If you are going to Kenya that it is likely that you will land at Nairobi and in the city the Hemingways Hotel is a big landmark as it dishes out 5 star treatments to its guests. Hemingways Hotel Nairobi is one of the top 5-star hotels located in the Kenyan capital and it offers comfortable and convenient stay of luxury class. It is ideally suited for leisure seekers and business folks. It meets with all international standards in protocol and hospitality and is among the most celebrated hotels in Africa. It offers quite a varied fair with rooms as you can hire executive suites deluxe rooms and luxury suites that are fitted with the latest amenities and fantastic view of the surroundings with wide balconies and windows. The hotel is convenient for visiting the Nairobi national park as it is only 25 km away and the Karen Blixen Museum is only 2 km distance. From the Kenyatta airport you can reach the hotel in 40 minutes by car and the hotel will provide you the base from where you can travel to various tourism destinations in Kenya and Tanzania.

Kenya and Tanzania is Africa are two countries that have most natural wealth in the form of wildlife, forests, mountains, rivers and the vast spread expanse of savannah. These two countries are also the home of the famed Greater Migration of Wildebeests and the home for the Big 5 of wildlife namely elephant, African lion, leopard, rhino,   and Cape buffalo. If you undertake a combined Kenya Tanzania safari tours you get the opportunity to cover these natural wonders and you can cover as many as 6 National Parks on the way besides touching Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro, the 2 tallest mounts in Africa.

You have a vast itinerary in your hand when you embark on the tour and they would include Masai Mara Games reserve, Serengeti, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli and Tarangire, all wild life reserves. Masai Mara  in Kenya and Serengeti in Tanzania are specially referred because they are two partners involved in the Great Migration of African games to be specific wildebeests. This annual event is a spectacular show on the big canvas and best observed Kenya flying tours. Your tour will start from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya and the tour operator is likely to provide with 4 x 4 Jeep or Land Cruiser which will become the staple transport mode throughout the land tour.

Opt for 10-day tour for comprehensive coverage

If you want to cover the tourist attractions in real quick time you could opt for the flying tours which will be conducted with the help of airplane, helicopter, or Balloon Safari. The air travel provides you with the Bird’s Eye View and can observe 360o spectacular to the eyes. You could also take an elephant safari, tours in pop-up top jeep, or a walk safari aptly guided by experienced guides. A 10 day tour will cover the best of both countries and you can witness gems like Lake Nakuru and Tarangire Park with its wealth of rare Rothschild’s giraffe population. Then you can go on to see the amazing migration starting from the Serengeti River of Tanzania and ending at the Masai Mark in Kenya. Sea of infinite wildlife emerging from Serengeti in search of water goes between July-October of every year and you can see the rare spectacle of millions of wildebeests, zebra, eland, gazelle and other herbivorous wildlife pursed by predators like lions, cheetah, leopard, and crocodiles.

This will be a lifetime experience if you come far away from Africa and it is important for you to book the tour according to a plan because several things including logistics, hotel accommodation and food are involved. Find a tour operator who can comprehensively cover all these to provide you with an unforgettable African safari.

You will find 5-star and lesser star accommodation in capital Nairobi and the tour operator will ensure that you are comfortable transferred by appropriate transport vehicles and lodged in comfortable camps, lodgings or hotel rooms when you go on a balloon safari or mountain climbing, a land trip in a cruiser or an elephant safari. Hotel accommodations and transport are two important factors that can make or mar your African safari so choose wisely and check before picking up your tour operator.

Mountain of Kenya Could Be Your Next Best Destination For Climbing Trips

If you are interested in mountaineering you have new mounts to scale and new frontiers to explore in Africa Kenya. You can actually climb Mount Kenya and it has 3 summits that you can conquer with or without a technical guide. The Kenyan mountain also poses varied challenge to both new comers and expert mountaineers as it has both tropical and cold climates during the climb. Mountain climbing trips in Kenya is part of the Kenyan safari that consists of wildlife watching, sunning the body on the sandy beaches, taking the aerial view of the Savannah where thousands of wild animals take refuge.

 If you are an amateur climber you can take the help of a tour guide who is also a trained mountaineer. The mountain climbing trip can be planned ahead of your trip by your tour operator who will arrange for everything including airport transfer, hotel room, transportation to the base camp and lodging in a luxury camp near the mountain.   Mount Kenya is the second highest in Africa after the Tanzanian Kilimanjaro, and you can easily climb the lowest Point Lenana standing at 4985 meters and the other two Batian Peak and Nelion Peak are permanently covered under ice. You will need the expertise of Alpine climb to scale them. You will be helped by mountaineering experts and the tour operator will introduce them to you.

Farm trips are other ways to spend your Kenyan holidays. Farm tour services Kenya offers a varied farm tour programs that you will find unique and relaxing. Tour organizers will also sell you a package where you will visit a coffee or tea plantation, taste tea or coffee, take a tour of the plantation and learn how they process those world famous ingredients, and have a sumptuous lunch and come back to your hotel room after spending quality time. There are several farm trips offered by tour operators including cheese processing farms. This is a great diverse activity after the hectic safaris where you watched millions of wildebeests crossing Serengeti. You can contact Ashford Tours & Travels on phone numbers +254 20 3341101, +254 20 3341102, +254 20 3341103 or +254 20 3341104 and we will provide the best travel and comfort throughout the tour including some expert guidance.

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